my name is Wolfram Nikolas Müller, I'm a software developer from Freiburg, Germany and founder of PressKitHero. You can find me on github.com/wnm, angel.co/wnm, twitter.com/wnmio, stackoverflow.com/users/797870/wnm and stackshare.io/wnm
Say hi: [email protected]




PressKitHero is an app that helps startups create a professional press kit.

Website: presskithero.com

Press kit: press.presskithero.com

Complete technology stack: stackshare.io/wnm/presskithero/

Presskithero shopify

PressKitHero for Shopify

PressKitHero is an app for Shopify that helps shop owners create a professional press kit.

Shopify App Store Link: apps.shopify.com/presskithero

Install on your store: Install